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( ) 5. Who is Ann’s science teacher?

A.Bill. B. Steven. C. Mark.

( ) 6. What is her teacher like?

A.He is funny. B. He is strict. C. He is quiet.


( ) 7. What is Dave going to do during theholiday?

A.Watch DVDs. B. Go surfing. C. Go swimming.

( ) 8. How long will he stay at the beach?

A.For two days. B. For one week. C. For two weeks.


( ) 9. What’s wrong with the boy?

A.He is tired. B. He is thirsty. C. He is hungry.

( ) 10. What does the boy ask his mother to do?

A.To call his father. B. To cook dinner. C. Tohelp his father.


( ) 11. Why can’t the old man find his daughter’shome?

A.Because Shanghai has changed a lot.

B.Because he has never been to Shanghai.

C.Because his daughter moved to a new house.

( ) 12. How did the old man come to Shanghai?

A.By bus. B. By plane. C. By train.

( ) 13. Where does the old man’s daughter work?

A.In a big park. B. In a hospital. C.In the train station.


( ) 14. What kind of school is the speakermainly talking about?

A.The kindergarten.

B.The primary school.

C.The secondary school.

( ) 15. What subjects should the students learnif they want to go to college?

A.Physics and typing. B. History andtyping. C. History and physics.

( ) 16. What can you learn from the speaker’stalk?

A.Children attend primary school at the age of five.

B.Children go to secondary school for about six years.

C.Students in senior high school have to learn cooking.


Acadia Shopping Mall Missing Persons

Name: ___17___ Sex: male Age: ___18___

Relative: Cathy (mother) Phone number: 8767763

Build: ___19___ and thin Hair: blond Eyes: blue

Clothes: ___20___ sweater and blue jeans

Time: at 11:00 this ___21___ Place: on the third floor in the mall



从下面各题所给的A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

( ) 22. Yao Ming is very popular and he’s__________favorite basketball player.

A.me B. mine

C.I D. my

( ) 23. Mr. Black was born __________July,1989.

A.at B. in

C. on D. to

( ) 24. I was tired last night, __________Iwent to bed earlier.

A.and B. but

C. so D.or

( ) 25. — Must we get to the airport before 6:00?

—No, you __________. The plane takes off at 9:00.

A.needn’t B. won’t

C.can’t D. mustn’t

( ) 26. I bought two coats yesterday. One isgreen, __________is yellow.

A.other B. others

C. another D.the other

( ) 27. Your school is big. But my school is__________than yours.

A.big B. bigger

C. biggest D.the biggest

( ) 28. Mr. Li can’t answer the phone becausehe __________a meeting.

A.is having B. has

C. had D. will have

( ) 29. — __________do you go to see youruncle?

—Three times a month.

A.How long B. How many

C. How often D. How old

( ) 30. Mrs. John __________when I got to herhome yesterday afternoon.

A.cook B. cooked

C.is cooking D. was cooking

( ) 31. I had a bad cold that day. The doctortold me __________in bed.

A.to stay B. staying

C.stayed D. stays

( ) 32. Rose came to Beijing in 2002. She__________ here for ten years.

A.live B. will live

C. has lived D.was living

( ) 33. A park __________here next year. Thenpeople nearby can come for a walk.

A.will build B. will be built

C. has built D.was built

( ) 34. — Can you tell me __________the book?

—Last year.

A.when did you buy

B. when do youbuy

C.when you buy

D. when youbought



On my first day ofthe sixth grade, I noticed one little girl called Amy on the school bus. “Don’ttalk to ___35___,” Lauren said, who sat beside me, “or they will make fun ofyou.”

Amy had manyphysical differences—lots of ___36___ for other kids to make fun of her. Hereyes weren’t straight. Her glasses were an inch thick. And she had really uglyteeth.

Every day as wedrove to school, kids would shout insults (侮辱) at Amy. “God, what a (n) ___37___ face! Stop looking at me!” “Mr.Rolland! Amy took off her ___38___, and now her eyes are frightening me! Makeher put them back on!” I also did that because I didn’t want them to treat methe same way they treated Amy.

But while I wasinsulting her, my heart ___39___ for the girl. I could see that the insultswere making her look ___40___, because she was so ashamed and alone. Then Iwanted to stand up for her. I just didn’t know how to stop my schoolmates___41___the night of our class roller skating party.

Our whole classwas there, including Amy. Amy didn’t know how to ___42___, but I could see howmuch she wanted to have fun like the rest of us. So I skated over to her andtook her by the hand. We began the journey together around the skating rink.She just smiled, and sometimes she would laugh in___43___.

On the school busthe next morning there was much news about Amy and me skating together, but___44___ insulted her or me. And they didn’t do that for the rest of the year.

After graduation,I never heard from Amy again. However, I never forget her and I’ve always___45___ if I changed her life for the better. But I know for sure she changedmy life. After becoming her friend, I no longer tried to impress (给……留下印象) people by trying to___46___ like them. I became myself.

( ) 35. A. her B. him

C. me D.them

( ) 36. A. reasons B.chances

C. ideas D. problems

( ) 37. A. lovely B.strange

C.ordinary D. funny

( ) 38. A. glasses B.coat

C.shoes D.hat

( ) 39. A. beat B.lost

C.ached D. opened

( ) 40. A. happier B.angrier

C. prettier D.uglier

( ) 41. A. until B.since

C.before D. after

( ) 42. A. stand B.skate

C.run D.walk

( ) 43. A. fear B.surprise

C. joy D. comfort

( ) 44. A. somebody B.anybody

C.everybody D. nobody

( ) 45. A. hoped B.thought

C. wondered D. considered

( ) 46. A. shout B.laugh

C.play D.act


六、阅读下列短文,根据短文内容,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择最佳选项。


In most parts ofthe world, many students help their schools make less pollution. They join“Environment clubs”. In an environment club, people work together to make ourenvironment clean.

Here are somethings students often do.

No-litter lunches.How much do you throw away after lunch? Environment clubs ask students to bringtheir lunches in bags that can be used again. Every week they will choose theclasses that make the least litter and report them to the whole school.

No-car day. On ano-car day, nobody comes to school in a car. Not the students and not theteachers! Cars give pollution to our air, so remember: Use your legs! It’s lotsof fun.

Turn off thewater! Did you know that some toilets can waste twenty to forty cubic (立方) meters of water an hour? In ayear, that would fill a small river! In environment clubs, students mend thosebroken toilets. Another practical way is that students use both sides of thepaper to reduce waste. We love our environment. Let’s work together to make itclean.

( ) 47. Environment clubs askstudents______________.

A.to run to school every

B. to take exercise every day

C.not to forget to take cars

D. to use lunch bags

( ) 48. After students mend toilets, they save______________.

A.a small river B. a club

C.water in cubic meters D.a toilet

( ) 49. How many things does the passage mention (提到) what students often do to helpmake less pollution?

A.2 B. 3 C.4 D. 1


Three years ago,my family got our first computer. Now, it’s too old; I want to get a new one.At the beginning of the summer, my father and I talked for a long time, hefinally agreed to my request.

We went to manystores, and looked at many advertisements; at last we bought an HP computer.

During the firstweek, I noticed that our computer had some problems. I spent many hours tryingto fix it, but it didn’t work, and finally I had to phone the HP company to askthem how to work out my problem. They told me to wait until next morningbecause all their technicians (技术人员) were busy that day.

I waited until thenext afternoon but they still had not returned my call. Finally they called,and many phone calls back and forth, and after spending many hours trying tomend it, the computer still did not work. My father didn’t have a choice; hereturned the whole thing.

A few days later,we decided that I should go on the Internet and order some parts to build a newcomputer by myself.

It was not an easything for me to deal with it, but in the end I finished. From these setbacks (挫折), I have learned, and now believeif the computer that I bought from the store didn’t have problems, then I wouldnot learn how to build the new one. Even though I spent lots of time on it, Iknow it wasn’t a waste of time.

( ) 50. ______________, they telephoned the HPcomputer company.

A.Before they bought the HP computer

B.A week after they bought the computer

C.A week before they bought the computer

D.A few days before they bought the computer

( ) 51. At last, ______________.

A.the computer was sent back to the store

B.the writer could fix the computer very well

C.the HP computer company said sorry to them

D.they paid nothing to the computer

( ) 52. Which of the following is trueaccording to this passage?

A.The HP computer was very cheap.

B.The writer built a new computer by himself at last.

C.The HP company helped the writer a lot and he was very thankful.

D.Dad didn’t like the newly-built computer at all.


Parents oftenbelieve that they have a good relationship with their children. But lastsummer, Joanna and Henry noticed a change in their old son: suddenly he seemedto be talking far more to his friends than to his parents. “The door to hisroom is always shut (关闭).” Joanna said.

Tina and Marknoticed the same changes in their 14-year-old daughter. She used to cuddle up (依偎) with me on the sofa and talk,”said Mark. “Now we joke that she does this only when she wants something.Sometimes she wants to be treated like a little and sometimes like a younglady. The problem is finding out which time is which.”

Before age 11,children like to tell their parents what’s on their minds. “In fact, parentsare first on the list,” said Michael Riera, writer of Uncommon Sense forParents with teenager. “This completely changes during the teen years.” Rieraexplained. “They talk to their friends first, then maybe their teachers, andtheir parents last.”

Parents who know whatis going on in their teenagers’ lives are in the best position (位置) to help them. To break down thewall of silence, parents should produce chances to understand what theirchildren want to say and try to find ways to talk and write to them. And theymust give their children a mental break, for children also need freedom(自由), though they are young. Anotherthing parents should remember is that to be a friend, not a manager, with theirchildren is a better way to know them.

( ) 53. The underlined sentence “The door to his room is always shut”suggests that the son ______________.

A.begins to dislike his parents

B. keeps himself away from his parents

C.doesn’t want to be disturbed

D. is always busy with his studies

( ) 54. Which of the following best explains “thewall of silence’” in the fourth paragraph?

A.Teenagers do not want to understand their parents.

B.Teenagers talk a lot with their friends.

C.Teenagers talk little about their own lives.

D.Teenagers do not talk much with their parents.

( ) 55. We can learn from the passage thatparents______________.

A.should try to understand their teenagers

B.are unhappy with their children

C.have to talk with others

D.shouldn’t be angry with teenagers


My 13-year-olddaughter Lisa remembers birthdays, makes people cards when they are sick, andsends encouraging notes written in colored pens in her neat, artistic hand.

One day I got acall from her principal, “I called to tell you that in 20 years of teaching Ihave seen anything like what Lisa did today”, he said.

I held my breathagain as I thought, my Lisa? My sweet daughter? She must be the wrong kid. Whatcould she have done?

My silence madehim go on. “I’ve never seen a student do anything so nice for anyone who neededit more.”

“What ... 暂无 暂无 暂无 展开

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