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In a restaurant in the backstreets of Beijing, 12 Pakistanis and Afghans studying at the China University of Communications tell stories of their arrival in China. No one came topickthemup; none of them spokea word ofChinese. Th


ey haveplenty oftales of getting lost,disorientedandripped offby taxi drivers.

pickup:pick sb up接某人a word of:一句,he uttered a word of command他说了一句命令plenty of:大量的disoriented:disorient使迷失方向,ed形式为迷失方向的ripped off:被欺骗



The students,all buttwo of them ethnicPushtuns,roar with laughteras theyswap yarnsandsavour the cuisinefrom Xinjiang, a Chinese region thatborders ontheir home countries and has cultural bonds with them. Anyill feelingabout those early dayshas long since dissipated. They agree that, apart from some taxi drivers, the Chinese are very helpful. Friendly relations between their countries and China mean they are welcomed as brothers. Most important, they are allon full scholarships—free tuition, free accommodation anda stipend of 3,000 yuan a month,more than three timesPakistan’s GDP per person.

all but:1.all except除…外;都Allbut three of the girlshave passed the examination.除了3个女生,其余的学生都通过了考试。2.almost;very nearly几乎He was all but bankrupt and couldn't help us.他几乎破产了,不能帮助我们。The girl was all but run over by the car.那女孩差点被那辆小汽车压过去。Pushtuns:普什图人,是一个强悍民族,普什图族约有2500万人,居住在阿富汗和巴基斯坦交界的山区roar with laughter:roar喊叫。词组意为开怀大笑swap yarns:交换故事,即tell each other stories【地道表达】savour the cuisine:savor品味,享用。品尝菜肴【地道表达】borders on:A borders on B,A与B接壤ill feeling:bad feeling,反感,敌意has long since dissipated:早已烟消云散。Dissipate消散,【写作推荐】词汇,the affection for her has long since dissipated对她的爱慕之情早已烟消云散on full scholarships:依靠全额奖学金a stipend of X yuan a month:每月X元的津贴more than three times:是……三倍还不止three times the/所有格+A:是A的多少倍。前面加more than,more than three times the/所有格+A:是A的几倍还不止【固定表达】



There are nearly half a million foreign students in China, about 50% of whom are on degree programmes. South Koreans are the mostnumerous. They often come to China if they cannot get into good universities at home—unlike Americans, who comeout ofcultural and politicalcuriosity, and because it looks good on theirCVs. Butthe share ofstudents from the developing world is growing fast, especially fromthe dozens ofcountries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan that havesigned up toChina’s Belt and RoadInitiative(BRI), a global infrastructure-building project. Overall numbers of foreign studentsgrewfourfoldin 2004-16; student numbers from BRI-related countriesexpanded eightfold. In 2012, the year before BRI was launched, students from those countries on Chinese government scholarships were less than 53% of the total number of recipients. By 2016 they made up 61%. China says itreserves10,000 of its scholarships every year for students from BRI countries. Local governments have beenpiling inwiththeir own “Silk Road scholarship” schemes.

numerous:大量的,许多的【写作推荐】词汇积累out of:出于……的原因curiosity:有好奇心和求知欲的意思,这里最好翻译为求知欲【写作推荐】了解一下求知欲用英文怎么表达,另外还有一个thirst for knowledgeCVs:CV,curriculum vitae个人简历的缩写the share of:……的占比,比重。搭配is growing or declining【写作推荐】描述数据的时候经常出现the dozens of:数十个,许多个signed up to sth:签署了某个协议,原则initiative:作名词有协议的意思grow fourfold:四倍的;expanded eightfold:八倍的:数字扩大,可用grow和expandreserve:预留,保留piling in:pile in挤进,挤入(屋内,车内)这里形象地形容地方政府积极响应加入



For many of the students, language is a problem. Some universities have createdEnglish-mediumcourses—Richard Coward of China Admissions, a firm that helps students finduniversity places, knows of 2,000 such programmes—but many students have to use Chinese and few speak it well. That is difficult for teachers. “The government and the universities don’t want the foreigners to fail, butasthe number hasincreased, the quality has fallen,” says Shuiyun Liu ofBeijing Normal University.

English-medium:英语为媒介university places:大学入学名额as:随着……increased:thenumber increases,还有前面提到的expand和grow都用来描述数字增加Beijing Normal University:北京师范大学

对很多学生来说,语言不通是一个问题,一些大学建立了英语媒介课程——Richard Coward中国招生公司,帮助留学生寻找入学名额,了解大约有2000个这样的媒介课。但是很多学生不得不使用中文,而且几乎没人能说得很好,老师对此也很为难。北京师范大学的刘水云说:“政府和学校都不希望留学生失败,但随着人数增加,教学质量在下降”。


Foreign studentshave reservations, too, says Ms Liu, who has researched foreigners’ satisfaction with teaching in China.“The rules are all hidden here,” she says. And the relationship between teacher andpupilsis different. “There’s not much critical thinking. Students are not always encouraged to challenge the teachers.” Learning in China can be an endurance test.Lectures commonlygo onfor three or four hours, with only a ten-minute break. “This morning I fell asleep after three hours,” says one of the Pakistani students.

have reservations:持保留意见【表达积累】“持有保留意见”的表达pupils:学生,especially a child in school。当然也可以用于大学生go on:继续,持续lecture:讲课(通常指大学里的)



That said, students from developing countriestend tobe more enthusiastic than students from the West. “The culture is amazing,” says Ugochukwu Izundu, aNigerianwhodid a master’s degreein data analysis atXi’an Jiaotong Liverpool Universityin the eastern city of Suzhou. “I believe China is aforcefor good in the world,” says Goodwill Mataranyika, aZimbabweanatShijiazhuang Tiedao Universityin Hebei, a northern province.

That said:尽管如此tend to:往往,更倾向于Nigerian:尼日利亚人do a master’s degree:攻读硕士学位也可以study for a master’s degreeXi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University:西交利物浦大学Force:具有力量的人/事物Zimbabwean:津巴布韦人Shijiazhuang Tiedao University:石家庄铁道大学

尽管如此,发展中国家的学生往往比西方国家的学生更有热情。一个在苏州东城西交利物浦大学攻读过数据分析硕士学位的尼日利亚人Ugochukwu Izundu说道“中国的文化令人惊奇”。在河北省石家庄铁道大学学习的津巴布韦学生Goodwill Mataranyika说道:“我认为中国是让世界变得更好的一份重要力量”。


swap yarns:交换故事,即tell each other stories【地道表达】savour the cuisine:savor品味,享用。品尝菜肴【地道表达】has long since dissipated:早已烟消云散。Dissipate消散,【写作推荐】词汇,the affection for her has long since dissipated对她的爱慕之情早已烟消云散more than three times:是……三倍还不止……times the/(所有格)+A是A的多少倍。前面加more than,more than …… times the/(所有格)+A:是A的几倍还不止【固定表达】numerous:大量的,许多的【写作推荐】词汇积累curiosity:有好奇心和求知欲的意思,这里最好翻译为求知欲【写作推荐】了解一下求知欲用英文怎么表达,另外还有一个thirst for knowledgethe share of:……的占比,比重。搭配is growing or declining【写作推荐】描述数据的时候经常出现have reservations:持保留意见【表达积累】“持有保留意见”的表达


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